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Wedding Cakes by Caroline's Cakes

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Weddings are a moment in life to treasure and remember. From the dress to the flowers, each detail must be precise and stand out. The Wedding cake is no exception. We here at Caroline's strive to create each wedding cake, from the smallest to the largest with the same care and love the couple shares on this special occasion.

Caroline's Cakes Caramel Wedding Cake Annapolis MarylandCaroline's Wedding Cakes start with the finest ingredients, and are masterfully built and decorated to bring your fantasy to life. And if the ordinary is not for you, then check out our favorite Wedding cake, the Caramel Cake!

Our philosophy is "It's a real wedding, it should be a real cake!" We do not use fake "dummy cakes", or cover your cake with inedible objects or unpalatable coverings. Our cakes are filled and decorated with delicious fillings and icings that will have your guests demanding seconds. We start with fresh eggs, real sugar, milk, butter, and fine pastry flours and Belgian Chocolate to create a cake that is both moist and tasty. Our fillings are made from scratch, nothing comes out of a tub here. We use an Italian Buttercream recipe made with eggs, sugar, butter, and a touch of Vanilla. Our Ganache is so rich and chocolatey you'd think it was pure silk. And for the truly unique, our World Famous Caramel Icing will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication. Caroline's Cakes Wedding Cake With Chocolate Ganache Annapolis Maryland

And just because you say "Bride" or "Wedding" does not mean we will tack on higher fees. Many bakeries do this, but we promise not to. Our charges are based on Stacking and the amount and type of decoration, regardless if it is a Wedding cake, Birthday Cake, Anniversary, or Graduation.

We offer a complimentary tasting and appointment to help you design the perfect cake. Browse our photo album to see our past works of art, or bring in a photo of a cake you've seen and we will tell you how we can recreate it. Don't forget to give us swatches of fabric and colors so we can try to match our buttercream to your color scheme. Whatever you desire, we can help design a wedding cake to make your day extra special. Give us a call at 888-801-2253 to schedule a consultation and tasting with our talented Decorating Coordinator.

Frequently Asked Wedding Cake Questions

  1. Do you use Fondant? What is Fondant?

    • Fondant is a thick icing that is pliable like playdough and is typically draped over a cake to create a smooth finish. Many people do not like the taste of fondant, and the cost of a cake increases dramatically with the use of fondant. Most caterers tend to remove the fonadant from the cake prior to serving. Why pay for something your guests won't eat, and won't enjoy eating? Many of those fancy decorations done in Fondant can be done in Buttercream! We do not use Fondant here at Caroline's excepting for Bows on top of a cake.
  2. Will I get real cake or one of those styrofoam cakes?

    • You will always get real cake from us. It costs just as much to use a styrofoam cake as it does a real cake as the decorating and icing is where most of your time and labor comes in. And you can't eat a dummy cake. We do not substitute real cake with styrofoam.
  3. Caroline's Cakes Beach Scene Wedding Cake Annapolis MarylandDoes your Icing taste good?

    • We do not shortchange you by adding shortening to our icing. Our Buttercream uses Fresh Egg Whites, Real Sugar, and Real Butter. We add just a touch of Vanilla at the end. We can flavor the Buttercream with Lemon, Almond, Chocolate, Caramel, or one of our Fruit Fillings. Our Icing stays soft and smooth, not drying out. This does mean our icing is a bit more delicate, and cannot tolerate high heat or exposure to higher temps for long periods of time.
  4. I've seen those beautiful flowers made from Sugar Paste. Do you use those?

    • No. Sugar Paste while edible isn't eatable. They are expensive fancy decorations that are removed prior to service and genrally thrown away. Why pay for something you won't eat? We create all of our flowers with our Buttercream. While we can not recreate every kind of flower, we do offer a wonderful selection of flowers to enhance the look of your cake. You may also choose to enhance the look with real flowers. We do not add real flowers, you must coordinate this with a florist.
  5. Can I get a cake shaped like something? Do you charge extra for different cake flavors?

    • Generally no. We do not specialize in creating shaped cakes. We can design many forms, shapes, and images on the cake in Buttercream. And we will not add on hidden fees or charge extra because you want different flavors in your tiers! Regardless of the flavor cake you choose, it will be the same cost. We do not charge extra for certain flavors of cake.
  6. I do not want a huge tiered cake, but I have a lot of guests. Do you have any suggestions?

    • We offer side sheet cakes. These lower the cost of your cake, and your guests will never know the difference. These cakes are typically kept in the kitchen and cut up for service with the main cake. This offers additional slices without paying the high cost of a large tiered cake. You can also do satellite cakes. These are unstacked cakes with coordinating designs that can be arranged in any formation. We can do all one size, or different sizes and shapes. And no, there is no "extra fees" for satellite cakes. In fact, the cost is less than stacked cakes!
  7. Do you offer Wedding Cupcakes?

    • Absolutely! This has recently become the hot new trend in weddings, but we've been doing it for years. We rent out a Cupcake Tree and fill it with your selection of cupcakes. We can do a 6" or 8" cake for the top to be saved for your Anniversary. We coordinate the cupcakes to match your small cake. Why try and figure out who likes what when you can mix and match cupcakes. Everyone will get a cake flavor and icing they like. This option is also budget friendly! From just a dozen to 500 or more, we can accomodate any number of cupcakes.

Wedding Cake Gallery

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